About Vulcan Performance Rehab & Recovery

Enhance What Moves You. That is our aim. Our philosophy is based on more than helping you function, it’s based on helping you live to your fullest capability, live how you want to, and do what you are passionate about.


What’s included with the Wellness Passport

35% off packages, including the following:

  • Full Body Assessment: We check every aspect of your body.  From spinal rotation in standing, bending, and producing force to an imbalance in your hips that may make one leg look longer than the other.  When you leave, you will know your body.

  • Movement Assessment: Similar to the Full Body Assessment except we apply your patterns to what you love, movement.  We look at everything from running form to planks to hand stands.

  • Active Mobility: Imagine a soft tissue massage, except during this massage you are contracting and activating spinal muscles and deep stabilizers. A soft tissue massage is only able to get into the surface of your body but an active mobility session is able to not only get into the surface of your body but it is able to penetrate the deeper muscles and tissues in your body while activating areas of your body that have laid dormant for awhile.  Think of this as a full body activation, an awakening of your body.

  • Soft Tissue Mobilization: This is movement with tissue mobilization.  This is not poke and pinch, it is press and flow.  A highly involved session on both ends of the table.

*Please note the 35% discount does not apply to physical therapy packages.

How to make an appointment at Vulcan Performance

You can get in touch and schedule a session with Vulcan Performance by filling out the form here.