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About Wheelhouse Academy

Wheelhouse Academy was born out of the notion that learning the right way to work out is just as important as the workout itself. That's where the idea of the Wheelhouse "Academy" comes in.

As a member, you will not only learn workout routines, you will come to understand why you are doing certain movements and the benefits they have on your health. We always wanted to create a gym where learning the right way to work out is as important as the physical results.

Finally, we designed Wheelhouse Academy to have a strong social component. We want it to be a place where it's comfortable to work out, and a warm and comforting placing to hang out, too. Join a concept where you can do more than improve your body, you will improve your life.

What’s included with the Wellness Passport

  • 1 Fitness Consult Meeting: This will allow us time to identify the needs of each person, understand their fitness history, injury history and pull back the curtain on our training philosophy and programming approach. After this meet up, we can find the best pathway for each person to take within our academy. 

  • 3 Training Sessions / Workouts (The workouts could be to either of our programs that we offer):

    • Our Conditioning Program drives focus toward body mechanics, work and recovery timing during workouts, and training of multiple energy systems in the body. 

    • Our Strength Program builds the platform of pulling, pushing mechanics and of the Power Lifts and the positional study and timing of the Olympic Lifts.

How to Register for Classes at WheelHouse Academy